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Polished Brass

Our polished brass finish is a smooth, just shy of mirror-grade, light reflecting surface. We do not lacquer brass unless it is specifically requested, as the finish will age naturally to a mellower gold brown patina over time. CARE: Dust with a dry cotton cloth. To maintain bright gold color, we recommend a non-paste polish such as “Nevr-Dull”.

Polished Nickel

This bright and resilient finish is resistant to harsher conditions and humidity. A great finish for bathrooms and kitchens, it retains its luster without lacquer in damp environments. CARE: Clean with soft cloth. Use no abrasive cleaners.

Dark Waxed Bronze

Starting with a matte surface the patina is applied and allowed to darken further to a deep, warm brown black. It is traditionally finished with wax, letting the patina develop organically over time. CARE: Clean with soft cloth. Use no abrasive cleaners. Maintain with periodic dusting. This finish will develop a verdigris look in a damp environment.

Polished Copper

Finish Range

Each finish in our standard range comprises a series of tones along the spectrum from slightly lighter to slightly darker. Photographs on our website represent a single instance of a given finish. Every Remains fixture is hand-finished to order and minor variation is to be expected. The unique surface detail and particular alloy used will impact the read of the finish.

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Finish Samples and Custom Finishes

Samples of our finishes are available for viewing in our showrooms. Please contact your salesperson to obtain an off-site sample, or download a printable finish sheet. A wide range of custom finishes are also available. We would be pleased to provide a quote based on the submission of your sample. Please contact your showroom for details

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