5 Reasons to Visit the Remains Lighting Sample Sale

1)  Up to 60% off-list price of decorative lighting fixtures and mirrors

2)  Large selection of popular fixtures from our collections, including lanterns, pendants, chandeliers, exterior lights, picture lights, flush mounts and sconces

3) Summer time calls for interior re-decoration–add some luminous design inspiration to your home at a price that shines

4) Remains Lighting is a premier resource for architects and designers and our lighting fixtures are sold to the trade, but all products included in the sample sale will be available to the public

5) Our sample sales do not come often—take advantage of the sale while it lasts!

Join us for the sale opening with drinks and snacks on Wednesday June 22nd from 4-7 in our flagship Chelsea showroom, 130 West 28th Street, New York, NY 10001. The sale will continue on Thursday, June 23rd from 10am – 7pm and Friday, June 24th from 10am – 2pm.

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Remains Lighting’s Green Thumb

Late spring is in full bloom in Brooklyn and the Remains Lighting garden is soon to follow. Last week, the employees of Remains took a small break from handcrafted lighting to focus on homegrown vegetables. In anticipation of summer barbecues, we dedicated some time to tend to the array of vegetables and herbs in the garden bed next to the factory. The seedlings are beginning to sprout and we are looking forward to taking full advantage of the products of our green thumbs.

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Remains Los Angeles Blossoming Window for LCDQ’s Legends 2016

Our Los Angeles Showroom is thrilled to participate in La Cienega Design Quarter’s three day design celebration, Legends 2016. The highly anticipated annual event includes panel discussions, receptions, cocktail parties and numerous other activities that showcase the talent and creativity of designers and tastemakers from various fields.

Each year the windows that line La Cienega Blvd are decorated with a common theme by guest designers. This year, designer Denise Kuriger will collaborate with photographer Sophie Gamand to transform the Remains Los Angeles window into a flora-filled space, titled “Flower Power”. Denise was drawn to Sophie’s charming series of photos of Pit Bulls with flower headdresses and intrigued by their message.

“The series is inspired by Baroque and Rococo’s aesthetics, using the traditional codes of portraiture. The flowers symbolize the ephemeral quality of life, reminding us that these creatures are fragile and precious,” Gamand explains on her website.

Perfectly fitting the overarching theme, One of a Kind, each dog is portrayed with a luscious floral headpiece. The photographs embrace each pup’s personality and identity — reminding the audience that the dogs should not be judged solely by their shared breed, which has been frequently stereotyped.

We can’t wait to see Denise’s design, which will no doubt have our LA showroom blooming with style.

For more information and to register for Legends 2016, click here.

Learn more about Denise Kuriger Design and Sophie Gamand.





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Lighting Masterclass: The Performance of the Object and the Aesthetics of Performance

Join us for a panel discussion during LCDQ’s Legends 2016 design event on May 5th in our Los Angeles showroom. Lighting Masterclass will be a compelling conversation about the beauty and technical performance of lighting from three masters with distinct design viewpoints, Roman Alonso of Commune Design, architect Barbara Bestor, and lighting designer Sean O’Connor.

The three experts will discuss challenges they have explored in lighting design and answer questions about the balance between aesthetics and function of light; successful design on a budget; and how education, taste, and energy code compliance may affect the outcome of a project. Each brings unique insight regarding the effect lighting can have upon a space and atmosphere.

We are looking forward hearing from our distinguished panelists on a topic we are clearly passionate about!

Thursday, May 5 at 1:30 pm. To register click here. 



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Introducing the Newest Atelier Collection: Scofield at Remains Lighting

Remains is proud to introduce Scofield at Remains Lighting, a collection specialized in 17th-19th C. American and European lighting designs based on original oil, candle and gas fixtures. Historic lighting design is united with modern technology in each hand-crafted piece.

The Scofield collection consists of a curated line of interior and exterior lanterns, chandeliers and sconces, fabricated from glass, copper, and tin, often with decorative elements such as gilding, punchwork, crimped edges, and pierced designs.

The company was founded in 1974 in Chester, Connecticut, by Richard Scofield, who spent many years studying the early American lighting in the museum collections in Old Sturbridge Village and Historic Deerfield, Massachusetts, where he was inspired to create his reproduction lighting fixtures and line of original fixtures with classic motifs.

Jon and Doreen Joslow revived the company in 2005 and continued to build upon Scofield’s creative vision. Nearly a decade later, Heritage Metalworks acquired the company and began producing the collection in their foundry and blacksmith shop in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

The Scofield Collection is entirely hand-built, one at a time, by traditional artisans. Its material, finishes and large selection of traditional exterior lanterns in particular are a distinctive addition to Remains’ product lines, which range from restored antiques to contemporary designs.

The entire Scofield Lighting catalog is available to view online at Remains.com, and in Remains’ showrooms in New York, Greenwich CT, Chicago and Los Angeles.


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David Calligeros’ Trade Talk: How to Design Custom Lighting

David Calligeros will visit the Jim Thompson showroom in Atlanta, Georgia next week to present a Trade Talk about the custom lighting design process. The event, hosted by the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center, aims to explain the traditional craft of metal and glass work in the modern design world. David will present the steps of lighting design, from product development to material selection; designers can gain insight about the craft and engineering involved in custom production. Audience members will have the opportunity to observe the product of David’s own designs for Remains Lighting in the Jim Thompson showroom.

David has a deep rooted history with manufacturing and restoring lighting fixtures. At Columbia University, David studied grand design traditions and time-honored techniques while majoring in architectural history. His passion and appreciation for lighting design led to the opening of Remains Lighting in a Manhattan loft in 1996.

Visit ADAC’s website to learn more and register, http://adacatlanta.com/events/590

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Introducing 24 New Sconces

The collection combines my love of flight and my love of the engineering that goes into airplanes. I’m caught between a nostalgic view of slower, simpler modes of transportation (and of life in general) and a love for engineering, innovation, and design.

This collection celebrates very traditional forms of very modern concepts. Echoes of airfoils, propellers, engines, and instrument cases appear as inspiration for an arm or a cup or a wall plate in fixtures rendered in the language of machine details (engine turning, knurling, peening, etc.), cut from solid brass, and finished by hand in a range of tones from dark and aged to bright mirror polished.

My father was an aeronautical engineer. My mother was an antiquarian and a librarian.
If you ever wondered what happens when you put those together…

- David Calligeros


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Introducing the Dandelion 24 Chandelier

Remains Lighting is happy to introduce the newest addition to the Duquette collection, the Dandelion 24 Chandelier. The beaded fixture will join the Dandelion family, alongside the Dandelion 18 Chandelier and the Dandelion 32 Chandelier.

Greatly influenced by nature, the Dandelion Chandelier incorporates Tony Duquette’s vision of fireworks, sunbursts, and supernovas. In typical Duquette fashion, the Dandelion Chandelier turns to a simple and often overlooked element of nature, the weed, and transforms it into an extraordinary and opulent ‘exclamation point’ for a room.

Tony Duquette’s iconic designs constantly built upon one another. His ornate jeweled brooches resemble colorful and extravagant flowers, which Mr. Duquette always insisted could be blown up to become a chandelier. The Dandelion Chandelier combines Mr. Duquette’s passion for natural beauty and his elaborate jewelry designs in an eye-catching chandelier, which takes his idea of a fixture entirely made of flowers and turns one dandelion seed head into an entire decorative extravaganza.

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