Remains Lighting new website launches

We have launched our new website!
Why in the world did we tinker with it you ask? It worked so well, we knew our way around, we liked it just as it was!

Well, we have changed and grown as a company since we built the last site in 2006, opening new showrooms, including ones in Greenwich and London, building a new LEED Gold factory in Brooklyn, launching collections based on the work of noted designers, and opening a division dedicated to custom work; to mention a few areas of improvement. This new website provides a distinct home for all of those and does much more as well.

We made all of our facets visible on this site, navigation and information is plain and close to the surface so you have less drilling down and clicking out from one area to the next.

There are more varied images of product in different fit and finish, and more breadth of installations. This ought to help contextualize the product and give a sense of scale.

Perhaps most significantly, this website formally launches the Remains Lighting Custom Division, an area of the firm we have been growing for the last five years and that is now ready for its introduction to society.

Let me get you started. Click here and I’ll start you off with an account for access to all of this good stuff and more.

Email or call us if you have a comment or just need a pointer in finding your way around and about.

Thanks much,

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