A note from Hutton Wilkinson to launch our new Tony Duquette collection!

Tony Duquette for Remains Lighting, is a match made in heaven! Having worked with Tony since I was seventeen I experienced all the joys of his creativity and all the sorrow of trying to find craftsmen capable of interpreting his dramatic vision into something which would become not only three dimensional but that would actually work.
A visit to the Remains atelier in Brooklyn would have sent Tony Duquette, “over the top”, into a ”fast forward creative mode” had he had the incredible pleasure of seeing the remarkably, “well-oiled” factory. From conception to final installation, nothing at Remains is ever left to chance. Unfortunately Tony passed away in 1999 without having experienced the Remains atelier, but I know that he would approve whole heartedly of the Duquette designs which Remains has brought forward to enchant our everyday, work a day lives.

Tony Duquette for Remains started with our first collection including his remarkable, and popular, California Sunburst chandelier and wall sconces. His iconic Splashing Water chandeliers, sconces and table lamps, created to simulate water drops splashing and bursting upwards, unlike most traditional chandeliers where the crystals merely hang downwards. And Tony’s charming Magic Forest lighting group, recalling his Tony Award winning work for Camelot on Broadway as well as his sets at MGM.  All of these pieces were used by him on many special interiors around the world.

Original Splashing Water and Magic Forest Chandeliers in Duquette-designed room.

Our second collection just launched by Remains includes the Shibusa table lamp, created using a mold from an ancient Japanese temple sculpture of a deer from Duquette’s personal collection.  Shibui or Shibusa is a Japanese term used to describe a special type of beauty.

Shibusa Table Lamp in Palladium Leaf

The new collection also introduces three glamorous pendants including the DelamerAurora and Coquille which recall Tony’s early years working with California’s legendary designers Frances Elkins, and Billy Haines as well as his time living in Paris in the 1950′s when he was the first American artist to be honored with a one man exhibition at the Louvre.

Coquille Chandelier

Original Duquette ceiling light using similar Coquille shell design.

Delamer Pendant, in Palladium Leaf

Aurora Pendant in lustrous Duquette Gold Leaf

The Rocaille Sconce recalls the glamour of Tony’s 1940′s beginnings with Elsie de Wolfe at After All, her home in Beverly Hills and later at the de Wolfe’s, Villa Trianon at Versailles after the war.  Finished in gold, silver, and opaque finishes the Rocaille Sconce will be “like jewelry” in any room.

Duquette's original Shell Grotto, cast in resin as a party decoration.

Rocaille sconces, in Duquette Antique Brass (top) and Opaline Resin (bottom, illuminated)

Throughout his long career, Tony Duquette decorated private residences across the United States, castles in Ireland, palazzo’s in Venice, and hotel particuliers in Paris.  He also decorated hotels, corporate headquarters, and theatres across America using many of his original designs which were until now, never available for sale, even through designers.  When I see these Tony Duquette for Remains Lighting pieces featured in magazines, around the world it makes me think how pleased Tony would have been to know that his works are being used in new and creative ways by a myriad of designers who, as Tony would say “get the message”!

Hutton Wilkinson, President
Tony Duquette Inc.

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