Factory Visit from the Balvenie Rare Craft Roadshow

Andrew Weir, ambassador of “The Balvenie” came to visit the Remains factory in Brooklyn. They are touring the country in a hand-built Morgan Plus 8 to find and “celebrate rare craftsmanship” wherever they find it still thriving. You can see their blog here.

The awesome Morgan.

Our own Yeni Mao showed them around the shop floors and talked designing, milling, brazing, polishing, and all the other “…ings” that go into our hand crafted lights.

In the engineering office.

A discussion of the finer points of machining.

Yeni, Brendan and Andrew.

At the drillpress.

Yeni, Andrew and Erica (chandelier).

The polishing shop, where things get shiny.

A view of Bushwick from the ramparts.

Everyone got a huge kick out of the car, perhaps most of all Mike, our ace welder, who squeezed himself into its “tailored” cockpit and gave us the thumbs up… though he was not cleared for take-off.

The car, with Mike.

The car with Mike actually in it.

They did however leave us with a few 15 year old bottles as a souvenir.  -David



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