Renewable Power

I was presenting some research to the LA chapter of the IESLA on the relative benefits of different lighting technologies from a sustainability point of view (basically: incandescent vs. fluorescent vs. LED) and I was asked by a gentleman at the end of the talk whether I had an answer; which one was the “most sustainable?” I was mainly concerned in showing the path to describing a lifecycle analysis; figuring out where to look and what questions to ask, rather than to complete the research. The hard nitty gritty research and calculations are immense and I was just scratching the surface. Nevertheless, I hazarded a guess and put a big caveat on it of ”the greenest thing you can do is buy renewable power”. You have to consider the power source to assess whether you are impacting water and air quality, and consuming water, against which you can weigh the benefits of using less of that power.

This gentleman’s response to me was “You can’t buy renewable energy. That’s not a viable suggestion.” We argued the point back and forth a bit but without heading to an internet connection with his zip code, there was no resolution.

If you are out there, here’s where you get the goods:

Remains Lighting is proud to be 6 years into its commitment to buy or produce 100% green, renewable power and proud to be an EPA Green Power Partner.

Solar panels on the roof of Remains Lighting, Brooklyn NY

 -David Calligeros

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