Tony Duquette Sunburst — Chandeliers

I was in LA to present a paper on the Illuminating Engineers Society, which is another story, and took the opportunity to visit with Hutton and Ruth Wilkinson, the creative force between The Tony Duquette Company. Their house is a wonderfully grand affair just above Duquette’s legendary Dawnridge in Beverly Hills. Hutton’s filled the house with layers of very nice old things of Duquette’s, Venetian paintings, intricately carved coral, bronze, and lapis bibelots, and other extraordinary curiosities.


We had made a few custom chandeliers for their entrance and hall. You can see the gold rays of the Duquette California Sunburst Chandeliers reflecting off the polished black stone floor and the cool white ceiling when you approach the house’s glass doors…  You’d notice also, over the dining table is an original of the Aurora Pendant.

Hutton apparently originally intended to hang an original Duquette chandelier designed for James Coburn (that looks like something out of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) in the dramatically tall living room that opens out to a waterfall and the gardens of Dawnridge. It obstructed the view of the 18th century Italian paintings however and is now out among the palms, keeping the koi company. That fixture is pictured in the Duquette book written by Hutton and Wendy Goodman.


The March issue of Harpers Bazaar has an article about the house with a slideshow showing many of the rooms.

-David Calligeros

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