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More Treasures from the Neighbors’ Cache

Lewis Bowman was a New York based architect prominent in the first quarter of the 20th Century. He worked across the country, and in a variety of historic European styles, but is most notable for his use of Jacobean and … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Dangerous Christmas Lights – Late Holiday Edition

My neighbor is in the process of cleaning out his family house, having just sold it, and in the pile of junk out for the trash was this tangle of wires and sockets. Of course it caught my pathologically lighting-attuned … Continue reading

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Tony Duquette Magic Forest Floor Lamp in Elle Decor

Celerie Kemble and Miles Redd choose the Magic Forest Floor Lamp for their Top 10 Floor Lamps in the March issue of Elle Decor. Kemble says the lamp is “irreverent, but it also has a sophisticated glamour”….and she pictures it “brightening … Continue reading

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Dinner and Lighting at Bouley Restaurant

Alix and I and a few friends from work went out for an elaborate dinner at Bouley on a recent Friday. I won’t bother describing the service, food, drink; other than to say that after 6 hours we all left … Continue reading

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