Dinner and Lighting at Bouley Restaurant

Alix and I and a few friends from work went out for an elaborate dinner at Bouley on a recent Friday. I won’t bother describing the service, food, drink; other than to say that after 6 hours we all left in a very, very good mood.

The genesis of that evening was an afternoon a month previous when Chef David Bouley happened to walk by our showroom on 28th Street and walked out with a haul of polished nickel, stainless, and aluminum and holophane and opal glass. He left us with an invitation to a chef’s-choice dinner. These gutsy fixtures found a place in the redesigned kitchen at his flagship restaurant on Duane Street. Before we floated home on a chocolate-y delicious something, the maitre d’ took us through the back door and into the kitchen where even at 1am, the staff was buzzing around at full tilt.

Chef Bouley had the Oskar Pendant and the Orson Billiard lights over his marble staging counters and pastry tables. He fitted the pendants to professional photography accordion mounts so they can be raised and lowered with the push of a finger and retrofitted the interiors to run infrared lamps. The ceiling of the whole kitchen is finished in polished mirrored tiles that amplify the cool marble and copper, black iron, and nickel surfaces. Whoever it is keeping this place as pristine and shiny as we saw it that evening, my hat’s off to you.                                                                                         – David Calligeros

Oskar pendants in Bouley Restaurant kitchen


Oskar Pendant

Orson Billiard

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