Lights of Marrakech

I am in Morocco this week for the Design Leadership Summit, and we created a special mobile guide to showcase the lighting of Marrakech for the occasion.

Lights of Marrakech is my personal and thoroughly non-comprehensive selection of a few great sightings of historic and iconic light fixtures in a capital of Moorish design.

To open the door to this world, you can click through photos and listings on the app which are linked to a live map and an illustrated glossary of lighting-related decorative arts.

The glossary is an ongoing project of mine that strives to contextualize many common and unusual terms from decorative art movements as they relate to lighting and lighting design.

To install the application on your smartphone or tablet, simply scan the QR code below with a barcode scanning application, or visit on your smartphone or tablet. You can also view it on your desktop or laptop computer in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

David Calligeros

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