Lure Atlanta

My friend Bill Peace and I had a tasty lunch at Atlanta’s South City Kitchen. When we were done, Peace took me for a preview of Lure, just down the block, a new restaurant he designed which was opening that night. The seafood theme was only once literally flagged. I appreciate not being assaulted with lobster traps, fish nets, and rope ladders…

There is an antique fly-rod with a curious reel mounted high on a ceiling beam; a reasonably subtle gesture. Looking up you can check out surprising, incongruous views (not captured by my pictures) of the nearby skyscrapers projecting through the windowed sides of the A-frame roof.

Near to my heart, Peace sourced antique and odd items for use as lighting, including ceramic cones, searchlights, and my favorite, a nosecone from an airplane.

Here’s Bill, standing next to a length of gargantuan chain made of wood (I searched the internet for a good while for an original purpose for wooden chain and am still empty handed) I still like the wood chain, even though it seems like an odd item… primitive life-saving device? floats?

-David Calligeros

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