Please turn off your lights for Earth Hour

This Saturday at 8:30pm (local time, wherever you are) turn off your lights, even if they are beautiful, and you bought them from Remains, and leave them off for at least an hour.

Join me, the WWF, and participate in Earth Hour, a symbolic, mass action to show an interest in sustainability.

I know shutting your lights for an hour is not a huge deal in itself. In aggregate, is it something huge. In past years a couple hundred million people participated.

Though the event will temporarily cut electricity use, and its attendant pollution, the main point is to raise awareness of our actions’ impact on the earth. No-one thinks this one hour of avoided pollution will sort out our problems with an out of balance sustainability equation. You start with a small step, a thought with a tangible action, and you start thinking of other things that make a positive impact. Check out the website *after your electricity-free hour* and look into the challenges they pose, or create your own challenges and post them to the Earth Hour site.

-David Calligeros



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