Alan Wanzenberg at LACMA and at Remains Lighting Los Angeles

Alan Wanzenberg came to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) yesterday evening to speak about a few of his projects through the lens of regional responses in materials, furniture and art. ┬áMr. Wanzenberg, who is an engaging and comfortably erudite speaker illustrated his working process with 3 projects, one on the beach in Florida, one right over the Atlantic in Maine (you wouldn’t call it “on the beach”), and the last was the New York apartment he shared with his late partner, the designer Jed Johnson. In the two houses, the designs develop from a response to the local topography and materials: mossy monoliths and weathered cedar in Maine and worn stone, wrought iron, clay tile, and stucco in Florida. The decorative programs on the interiors grow from the owners’ art collecting and the history of the sites. In the New York apartment, I feel like the kernel is less about site than about the joy of discovery and learning through collecting and arranging; more of an intellectual response to being in a place at a moment in history than a visceral response to rocks, wind and water.
All of those projects and many more are detailed in depth in Wanzenberg’s new book Journey The Life and Times of an American Architect. You can come and meet the author this afternoon at our La Cienega showroom where he will be signing books from 4:30-6:30. Perhaps he will spin a tale or two for you if you ask.

-David Calligeros

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