Interesting Things in the Scrap Pile

I was recently walking past the old Lot’s Road power station in London. This complex supplied power to the London Underground system until about 10 years ago when it was decommissioned. Supposedly now it will be redeveloped as condominiums and shopping and the like, hopefully retaining the original historic shell.

The power plant is right around the corner from our showroom in the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre. In fact, it’s a distinctive and much enjoyed aspect of the view out our windows. (that’s the picture below)

Lots Road power station

On my way to the showroom, I saw down an alley between the old brick buildings something lighting-ish. With a little snooping, no guard on duty… and closer inspection I found a pair of enormous chandeliers leaning on a pile of rubbish and scrappy old fencing. You can gauge their size by the broken ironing board in the background. I have the idea that they were set props or restaurant furnishings. The quality and scale is theatrical, rather than fine.

It took me a good 5 minutes to definitively decide that there was no way, in fact, to cart them off to the showroom or bring them back to Brooklyn. I hope a stronger-backed, British version of me, driving a pick-up truck, also saw and then rescued them before the garbage truck arrived.

-David Calligeros

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