New York Law to Limit Light Pollution

With the support of lots of citizen input, the New York State legislature passed a bill that will limit light pollution. This is a piece of legislation supported by the International Dark-Sky Association (

The gist of the law is that new exterior lighting installed in new projects should not waste energy, pollute the night sky, or produce glare or light spill. You can read the summary of the bill on the state assembly website: here.

At the moment, the bill is on Governor Cuomo’s desk. If you agree with its aims, give him a call and say so. If you call during business hours, call: 212 681-4580 or see below for more information on reaching the Governor.

It may well make my work more difficult as the regulations may call for design changes in our fixtures. However, it’s a fine idea. This should be a good thing for those of us who like seeing the stars at night and don’t like your neighbors’ flood lights shining in your eyes.

-David Calligeros

To call the Governor’s phone number and let them know that you are in favor of this bill:
During business hours, call 212-681-4580 and tell the person you support bill #A07489. You will be asked for your zip code in NY.

Outside of business hours you can leave a message at 518-474-8390.

Support letter goes to Governor Andrew Cuomo,
Governor of New York State
New York State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224
Letter in Support of Senate Bill S5275B/Assembly Bill A7489B

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