Architectural Plaster Factory

I visited my friend Adrian Taylor, one of the owners of Hyde Park Mouldings recently. Those guys are working on a small custom project for us and I had to bring them some of the hardware. Their factory is out on Long Island. If you look for it on the satellite view of google maps, it looks a bit like someone dropped a large bag of plaster on nice factory building. These guys use a LOT of plaster. Actually, it’s totally amazing what they produce with the simplest of materials, plaster, water, and burlap: basic, natural, and incredibly versatile.

They make classically inspired ceilings, domes, moldings, and other architectural work in a few methods.

Pretty much everything starts off with artists in the sculpture department.

They carve and model the masters in clay. Those masters are then molded, and the molds then cast in plaster reinforced with burlap, and assembled into full ceiling or wall elements.

When they need to create straight runs of a molding profile, they cut a steel knife and build it into a sled. The sled cuts the thick, but uncured plaster which is resting a trough.

When you are hungry at Hyde Park, make sure to put “only food” into the microwave. We chose, instead, to eat out at a Japanese place for lunch

-David Calligeros

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