Introducing the Contessa Chandelier

I do not usually post about the lighting I work with, even though I am regularly bowled over by its beauty and craft. Today, however, I want to share a special tie I have to the latest addition to Remains Lighting family.

The Contessa Chandelier is based on one of Tony Duquette’s originals that drapes the winding staircase of the Casa Contessa. The home of Hutton Wilkinson, the Casa Contessa is snug up against Dawnridge, Duquette’s own old seat in the hills above Los Angeles. With Duquette’s start in Hollywood a recognized pedigree, he could very well be considered part of LA’s royal lineage.

When Remains was developing the Contessa I had the delightful task of documenting the original chandelier. With pencil and sketch pad and ruler I was left to myself in the twisting spiral staircase. The walls are decorated in watery canal scenes, and the top landing houses an impressive library. Two adorable dogs held guard of the landing. I was regularly pulled away from my task into another decorative moment in the Casa: from the blackamoor-face door pulls to the clashed angles of a monumental deco sconce in the bath, to rows of design volumes on the landing.

Anyone who’s paid court at the Duquette estate knows what a fantasia it is. To see the newly minted Contessa Chandelier by Remains is like seeing royalty descending the stairs to be received. I hope you enjoy the glimpse of her.

-Valerie Thomas

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