Restoration of Historic 15 Washington Street Part II

In keeping with its beginnings, Remains Lighting continually takes on restoration and custom projects. The latest of these involves the restoration of several chandeliers and lighting fixtures for Rutgers University. Once home to an insurance company and passed onto Rutgers, an historic 1920s skyscraper in Newark, New Jersey is undergoing an extensive restoration. The history of the building and more details about the project can be read about in this earlier post.

Ranging from wall sconces to large scale chandeliers, the pieces suffered from the years the building sat empty, and each piece required a unique approach to its restoration. After an initial assessment, the fixtures moved through the factory according to their restoration needs. Each fixture was disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and assessed. The original patina was restored, and in the case of two large chandeliers, the metalwork was hand-polished to a mirror-like surface; over time the unlacquered brass will continue to age naturally.

Many of the fixtures had missing or severely damaged parts. In those cases, replacement parts were fabricated in the Remains Lighting factory to complete the fixtures and painstakingly finished and patinated to match the original parts. Finally, each fixture was assembled and wired by hand. As the entirety of the building restoration comes together, the fixtures will be installed in their original spots.

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