Introducing the Dandelion 24 Chandelier

Remains Lighting is happy to introduce the newest addition to the Duquette collection, the Dandelion 24 Chandelier. The beaded fixture will join the Dandelion family, alongside the Dandelion 18 Chandelier and the Dandelion 32 Chandelier.

Greatly influenced by nature, the Dandelion Chandelier incorporates Tony Duquette’s vision of fireworks, sunbursts, and supernovas. In typical Duquette fashion, the Dandelion Chandelier turns to a simple and often overlooked element of nature, the weed, and transforms it into an extraordinary and opulent ‘exclamation point’ for a room.

Tony Duquette’s iconic designs constantly built upon one another. His ornate jeweled brooches resemble colorful and extravagant flowers, which Mr. Duquette always insisted could be blown up to become a chandelier. The Dandelion Chandelier combines Mr. Duquette’s passion for natural beauty and his elaborate jewelry designs in an eye-catching chandelier, which takes his idea of a fixture entirely made of flowers and turns one dandelion seed head into an entire decorative extravaganza.

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