David Calligeros’ Trade Talk: How to Design Custom Lighting

David Calligeros will visit the Jim Thompson showroom in Atlanta, Georgia next week to present a Trade Talk about the custom lighting design process. The event, hosted by the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center, aims to explain the traditional craft of metal and glass work in the modern design world. David will present the steps of lighting design, from product development to material selection; designers can gain insight about the craft and engineering involved in custom production. Audience members will have the opportunity to observe the product of David’s own designs for Remains Lighting in the Jim Thompson showroom.

David has a deep rooted history with manufacturing and restoring lighting fixtures. At Columbia University, David studied grand design traditions and time-honored techniques while majoring in architectural history. His passion and appreciation for lighting design led to the opening of Remains Lighting in a Manhattan loft in 1996.

Visit ADAC’s website to learn more and register, http://adacatlanta.com/events/590

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