A Plan to Rebuild Penn Station

Rebuild Penn Station today launched an advertising campaign urging commuters to support the movement to reconstruct the original Pennsylvania Station in New York. The magnificent building, designed by McKim, Mead & White and completed in 1910, was demolished in 1963.

New Jersey Transit trains arriving in the transportation hub feature advertisements(attached) with renderings of the original station in a contemporary context. The ads pose the question: “Wouldn’t you rather arrive here?” LIRR and Amtrak riders will be leafletted with a similar campaign.Sam Turvey, Chair of the Rebuild Penn Station Steering Committee, said, that the committee proposes “rebuilding the station to bring back an architectural masterpiece, while simultaneously improving and updating the station’s functionality.”

Richard Cameron, principal of the Brooklyn design firm Atelier & Co. who is the architectural advisor to and long-time advocate for rebuilding the original station, explains, “The demolition of the original Pennsylvania Station sparked an architectural preservation movement that ultimately protected Grand Central Terminal from destruction in the 1970s. That station is now the second leading tourist destination in New York, and a generator of enormous economic benefits for the city and region. Just as in the example of Grand Central, important historic architecture can and should be adapted to the present without compromising the integrity of the design.”


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