Haussmann Retrospective on view through December 7th

We are delighted to announce the retrospective of TRIX & ROBERT HAUSSMANN
November 1st – December 7th 2018
ETH Zurich, Hönggerberg


Trix and Robert Haussmann can be counted among the most important Swiss architects of the 20th century. Their multifaceted practice ranges from architecture to product design, furniture, and textiles—each of which make use of creative plays on form, function, and language. Since founding their studio in 1967, which they later called “Allgemeine Entwurfsanstalt Zürich”, Trix and Robert Haussmann were amongst the first to break with the premises of modern canonical orders and concepts, playfully reinterpreting the linguistic dogmas of architecture theories.

To combat the conformist impoverishment of expression in their time, the duo developed an experimental design instrument called The Log-O-Rithmic Slide Rule. Like a slide-ruler, this “concept-slider” makes use of the combinatorial potential of moving two scales against one another. In Trix and Robert Haussmann’s adaptation of the instrument, however, words—predominately adjectives used in architectural discourse—replace numerals, which, through endless combinations, produce imaginative architectures, languages, and images. The Oulipo-inspired concept-slider was intended to expand on prevailing notions of stylistic diversity with the use of randomly combined pairs of words.

For Trix and Robert Haussmann conceptual works are always tools in the design process for concrete projects. Therefore, in addition to architectural designs and models, the exhibition also presents realized projects like the arcades of Boutique Weinberg, sculptural objects that find themselves between art and design, as well as mirror-objects, that confound one’s perception of the exhibition space through illusionistic distortions.
Supported by Tisca Tischhauser AG, Vitra Design Foundation, ProHelvetia, Peter Röthlisberger, Herald St, London, Stiftung Kunstsammlung Teo Jakob and Caruso St John Architects.

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