Jewels in the Sky

The Crouse Hinds Co. exists to this day making technical and extreme-duty lighting for bridges, airports, factories and ships. I came across them 25 years ago when I bought a large set of bronze lights removed from the parapet wall of 325 Spring Street. The quality of these old fixtures piqued my interest in the history of the company as I hunted for other fixtures to collect and restore.

The 8 page brochure shows watercolor renderings of buildings illuminated by Crouse Hinds fixtures. The focus is the effect of the fixtures, rather than the fixtures themselves. We’ve tried to track the illustrations back to the actual buildings and have a few solid hunches. We’re curious if any of you can identify them. Submit your guesses to the post on our Instagram @remainslighting or email us at We’d love to hear from you.

We currently have a few restored Crouse Hinds fixtures in our vintage collection. Take a look. The cast aluminum hardware and holophane glass shades were originally built for industrial environments generations ago, but are certainly not lacking in attractive profiles.

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