Lighting an NYC Skyscraper A Collaborative Effort between Remains and Robert A.M. Stern Architects

For 25 years, Remains has had the pleasure of working with world-class architects and designers — initially as a source for restored antiques, but we quickly grew into a from-scratch manufacturer specializing in custom design and fabrication. With a team and client base aligned on the demands for utmost quality and smart design, our custom portfolio covers a wide range: spanning work which is purely decorative to that which is purely technical, with most projects falling somewhere midway on that spectrum.

Work on 220 Central Park South by Robert A.M. Stern Architects allowed us to flex the range of our capabilities from the base to the crown of the tower. At street level, cast bronze exterior sconces of varying scale enhance the pedestrian experience. We focused on expressing the details designed by RAMSA with heavy, solid brass castings and custom cased glass panels. Check out our recent blog post about casting methods to see some of these parts in fabrication. For a crisp and considered appearance, we added details such as custom hinges and latches, light-leak blockers, cast glass cabochons, and others.

At the top of the tower, wrought aluminum shrouds enliven and protect the LED floodlights that illuminate the upper stories of the building at night. We had to consider a multitude of factors at this height: birds, rain, snow, high wind speeds, and installation in shifting joints. We enjoyed the challenge and are grateful to have a team of engineers up to the task.

The thoughtful details define the soul of this wonderful architectural addition to New York City. We’re proud to have our work highlight RAMSA’s modern classical design at human scale and skyline scale.

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