Jewels in the Sky

The Crouse Hinds Co. exists to this day making technical and extreme-duty lighting for bridges, airports, factories and ships. I came across them 25 years ago when I bought a large set of bronze lights removed from the parapet wall of 325 Spring Street. The quality of these old fixtures piqued my interest in the history of the company as I hunted for other fixtures to collect and restore.

The 8 page brochure shows watercolor renderings of buildings illuminated by Crouse Hinds fixtures. The focus is the effect of the fixtures, rather than the fixtures themselves. We’ve tried to track the illustrations back to the actual buildings and have a few solid hunches. We’re curious if any of you can identify them. Submit your guesses to the post on our Instagram @remainslighting or email us at We’d love to hear from you.

We currently have a few restored Crouse Hinds fixtures in our vintage collection. Take a look. The cast aluminum hardware and holophane glass shades were originally built for industrial environments generations ago, but are certainly not lacking in attractive profiles.

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Pairing Design and Technique – Vol 1. Metal Casting

Our team knows, custom projects demand thoughtful solutions. Each project needs to hit a unique set of quality, schedule, and cost notes; pairing the right technique to those demands is our expertise. This year, we’re lifting the curtain on the varied techniques and materials we use in building your custom designs. Today’s spotlight is on metal casting and the lead role it plays in some of our most loved products.

Metal casting is an ancient set of techniques, chief among them are sand casting and lost wax casting; each is suited for different uses.

SAND CASTING Imagine your footprint in the sand at the water’s edge. If you were to pour molten metal in your footprint you would have a perfect positive cast. In decorative brass and bronze casting, we use special sands and precise patterns engineered to overcome the challenges of high temperature, dimensional stability, and flawless sections.

Sand castings are highly dependable, reliably precise in dimensions, and work beautifully for large work. Selecting the right type of pattern for the volume, dimensions, and details of the job is a complex calculation, and one of the steps where our expert team provides lasting value.

Sand cast parts for a recent custom lighting project

The elements in the images above were all modeled directly in CAD software and we printed the patterns in resin on large format 3D printers. The castings were large, up to 50” in length and 60lbs each.The final assembled fixtures are over 7’ tall and flank the entrance of a 70 story Manhattan skyscraper.


LOST WAX CASTING A more complex, multi-step casting technique best suited for highly intricate parts which require precise surface finishes. A wax model with all of the desired features, down to eyelash and butterfly-wing fine details is embedded in a shell of plaster or ceramic which is then fired, making it hard and stable. In this firing process, the wax melts out and burns off, leaving a perfect void in the shell, in the shape of the wanted part. This burn-out phase is from where the term “lost wax” comes.

There are many paths to producing your wax pattern, from one-off hand carving, to direct-wax 3d printing, to rubber molds, to machined aluminum molds, all with their advantages and disadvantages.

Lost wax casting process and parts for a custom lighting project

The organic shapes in the acanthus leaf, pinecone, and fish-scale details of the lanterns in the images were only accomplishable with lost wax casting techniques. The undercuts would make these impossible to release from sand molds. The fine surface finish, as well, was a deciding factor in selecting lost wax casting as the right technique for this project.

Get in touch today to see how we can help deliver the highest quality and fidelity craft to realize your designs.

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Luxury in every detail

Watch now : Luxury lighting made by hand in Brooklyn, NY

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Astrid 24 Chandelier

The Astrid 24 chandelier is the latest addition to our Permanent Collection. This large brass chandelier has four over eight over twelve branches arrayed on a baluster-form stem, with subtle incised detailing overall. It’s classic design and graceful proportions make it the biggest, and dare we say best, from the Astrid collection of chandeliers.

< View all from our Astrid Chandelier Collection >

The Astrid 24 Chandelier

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First look – new vintage lighting in the restoration workshop

First look at our new vintage lighting in the restoration workshop.

Greetings from the antiques department!

Today I’m sharing a sneak peek at some of the newest acquisitions in the Remains Lighting collection that I welcomed with David Calligeros last week. My favorite days at work are always the days when we get a big group of new-to-us vintage items. And even though he’s been doing this for many years, I’m pretty sure he feels the same way. How lucky am I to spend the day getting to play with some of the highest quality lighting designed by history’s top makers?

That said, it is hard work to unpack a pile of fragile glass, document everything, and figure out the best way to restore an item. But discovering all the little details of our light fixtures, especially when those details sparkle like this, is its own reward.


I was admiring the glass on one particular chandelier, taking note of how crisp the facets were, and wondered – were they hand polished? I flipped it over to measure it and caught this glimpse of silver:

It wasn’t just a quick flash –it appeared to be mirror instead of clear glass. I could see my reflection in it!

Here David is putting the glass onto the gilded frame — you can see his hand is reflected in the same way:

This glistening silver optic is one of the things I love most about mid-century European glass chandeliers.

Sometimes when pieces come to us they need extra attention before they’ll be ready to head to our showroom. But with a little imagination we can see their potential. With his amount of expertise, it’s great to be able to pick David’s brain and see his vision for what each piece will become once we’ve worked our restoration magic.

Even with a little dust and rust, we can still spot some interesting details on these, too. In the sea of chandeliers with crystal prisms we were very excited to see these bobeches with little chunks of crystal set in the sides:

I thought the way the these were connected by a single wire simply winding its way around the bobeche and holding the beads in place was very clever:

Sometimes it is the details that you never see that make a piece the most special.

Drop us a line if you’re interested in learning more about the details of these lights – we’re happy to share!

Explore the rest of our vintage collection here.

Jenna Major

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A story of enduring beauty

A recent article in the NY times tells a story of enduring beauty; how objects can be signifiers of much bigger things. Learn more about Helen Lamb and how a light fixture revealed a secret life. READ FULL ARTICLE

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New Limited Edition Pendants

We are excited to announce the release of nine one of a kind pendants. Each limited edition fixture includes hand-blow glass by Hunee Studio ensuring no two are quite the same. Available now with quick ship, making them available with a super short 2 – 4 week turnaround.  [shop the collection]


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SHOWROOM NEWS: Our showrooms are open

Our New York, Los Angeles and Chicago showrooms are open by appointment between 9AM-6PM. Virtual shopping trips and video or phone consultations with any of our team are also available. Contact your account manager or nearest showroom .
After 10 years as members of the Greenwich community we have decided to relocate to a remote office and we are no longer at 44 West Putnam Avenue. For appointments, sample viewing, shipments, appointments in our NYC showroom, office and site visit availability, Jessica Makara can be reached during regular business hours
at 646-723-2493 or
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