Remains Out & About in Midtown Manhattan

On a balmy winter day, we left our showroom in the heart of the Flower District to explore midtown Manhattan in hopes of spotting a few of our fixtures in situ.

Refinery Hotel with Heron Exterior Lanterns

Just south of Bryant Park, Heron Exterior Wall Lanterns light the front doors of the Refinery Hotel. Stonehill & Taylor Architects designed the entryway, which stands out against the historic Colony Arcade building.

California Sunbursts in Morgans New York

Located beyond a narrow hallway of the boutique Morgan New York Hotel, two large-scale, oval Tony Duquette California Sunburst Chandeliers illuminate the Reserve Lounge.

Custom Fixtures in Gramercy Park

Custom chandeliers hang from the Georgian inspired lobby of a private residential building. Matching sconces are situated evenly along the wood panelled walls.

Sorensons in 10 Madison Square Park

Across from Madison Square Park, custom Sorenson Exterior Wall Lanterns frame the entrance of 10 Madison Square Park, a new condominium building designed by Alan Wanzenberg. Inside the elegant modern lobby, Sorenson Pendants hang from the coffered ceiling.

RAMSA Fixtures in Walker Zanger

Needless to say, the Walker Zanger showroom contains seemingly endless examples of intricate tile work. In a powder blue bathroom display, two Polished Nickel Fortuna 9 Sconces  by Robert A.M. Stern Architects pop against the pastel tile. Downstairs, Fortuna 5 Sconces and a Cardea 15 Flush Mount shine in a neutral bathroom with white tile and grey marble.

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Remains Lighting Candlesticks

Remains Lighting is lighting up the holiday season with six new families of candlesticks. Made from solid brass, the candlesticks are offered in a variety of finishes and the designs span from traditional to modern. Hand-made in our Brooklyn factory and available to view and purchase in our showrooms.

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Introducing the Vesta Chandelier

Introducing two new chandeliers to the Remains Lighting Collection, the Vesta 24 Chandelier and the Vesta 48 Chandelier. Long slender arms of precisely cut and hand brazed metal emanating from a center orb with hand-blown glass shades. The Vesta Chandeliers are distinct due to the natural variation in tension with the clean rhythmic shapes and sharp cut angles.


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The Art of Engineering & Craft of Metal and Glass Work

All of the lighting fixtures created at Remains begins as an idea– a sketch of the desired product.  The idea is edited and modified until it is ready to move into production. Remains Lighting president, David Calligeros, has nearly 20 years of experience in developing products from a concept sketch to a finished fixture.

This week, David will in explore the relationship between designing and making in a two-part class with the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art. Focusing on custom lighting, the class will present the grammar of traditional metal and glass techniques. The class will provide insight about the methods of production and a basic understanding of how an architect and designer can benefit from the point of view of a maker.

For more information and registration, visit the ICAA’s website.


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In Full Swing – Swing Arms by Remains Lighting

We have been thinking about the best ways to incorporate swing arm fixtures into a living space and we have compiled a list of our favorite ways to use these wall fixtures.

Create any small space into a cozy reading nook 

Add new dimension to a dining room with swing arm sconcesStudio Frazar as seen in Luxe Magazine. Photo: Zach Desart

Free up bedside table space by swapping a lamp for a swing armPhoto by Eric Piasecki Gideon Mendelson as seen in House Beautiful. Photo: Eric Piasecki     |    Brad Krefman, BK Interior Design. Photo: Tim Williams

Get the perfect lighting by using a swing arm next to a bathroom vanityBurnham Designs

Highlight wall décor from a new angle–adding a swing arm can show off your art or decorations in a unique wayPenny Drue Baird, Dessins, LLC.

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Remains Out & About on the Upper East Side

The high temperatures last week had us reminiscing about a late spring stroll we took on the Upper East Side to see our products in their final location. It is a special treat to see our fixtures surrounded by gorgeous furnishings and designs, as we do not always get to see the finished projects.

In our first destination, the Louis Leeman boutique on Madison Avenue, classic millwork, rich velvet sofas, and an authentic cobbler’s wooden workbench invites customers to take their time appreciating the handmade leather footwear. Custom cone shaped lights hang from the ceiling along the store walls in Orsman Designs’ lighting design. We loved seeing our handcrafted lights illuminate the handsome handcrafted shoes.

Next, we kept with the theme of shoes and headed for Aquazzura. The Italian footwear designer has opened its first NYC store with references to the Basilica Santa Maria Novella, in keeping with the designer’s Florentine roots.  Three California Sunburst Chandeliers float above a rainbow array of ballet flats and high heels in Ryan Korban’s design. The thick black and white striped walls are reminiscent of the church’s details, but their prominence give the space a true New York feel.

Walking to the subway, we passed another Remains Lighting custom project for the Studio Sofield designed building where KRB, a boutique offering a mélange of vintage home accessories and modern items is tucked into the facade. The reflective signs and gilded details of the exterior sconces stood out against the building’s luxurious traditional architecture and carved stone details.

For our next outing, we will be scoping out our fixtures in downtown Manhattan…stay tuned!

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Remains Lighting’s Green Thumb

Late spring is in full bloom in Brooklyn and the Remains Lighting garden is soon to follow. Last week, the employees of Remains took a small break from handcrafted lighting to focus on homegrown vegetables. In anticipation of summer barbecues, we dedicated some time to tend to the array of vegetables and herbs in the garden bed next to the factory. The seedlings are beginning to sprout and we are looking forward to taking full advantage of the products of our green thumbs.

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Remains Los Angeles Blossoming Window for LCDQ’s Legends 2016

Our Los Angeles Showroom is thrilled to participate in La Cienega Design Quarter’s three day design celebration, Legends 2016. The highly anticipated annual event includes panel discussions, receptions, cocktail parties and numerous other activities that showcase the talent and creativity of designers and tastemakers from various fields.

Each year the windows that line La Cienega Blvd are decorated with a common theme by guest designers. This year, designer Denise Kuriger will collaborate with photographer Sophie Gamand to transform the Remains Los Angeles window into a flora-filled space, titled “Flower Power”. Denise was drawn to Sophie’s charming series of photos of Pit Bulls with flower headdresses and intrigued by their message.

“The series is inspired by Baroque and Rococo’s aesthetics, using the traditional codes of portraiture. The flowers symbolize the ephemeral quality of life, reminding us that these creatures are fragile and precious,” Gamand explains on her website.

Perfectly fitting the overarching theme, One of a Kind, each dog is portrayed with a luscious floral headpiece. The photographs embrace each pup’s personality and identity — reminding the audience that the dogs should not be judged solely by their shared breed, which has been frequently stereotyped.

We can’t wait to see Denise’s design, which will no doubt have our LA showroom blooming with style.

For more information and to register for Legends 2016, click here.

Learn more about Denise Kuriger Design and Sophie Gamand.





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