{"id":56,"image":"\/uploads\/media\/ad\/remainslighting_woi_0911_500x600.1432664377.jpg","title":"September 2011","caption":"World of Interiors","products":[{"name":"Orson Pendant","desc":"A domical brass or stainless pendant light, with a milk glass lens supported by a five point star.","url":"\/product\/hl1779\/orson-pendant.html"},{"name":"Sorenson 10 Lantern","desc":"This versatile lantern references a form of historical factory lighting where the glass was netted for safety. The thick clear mouth-blown glass is wrapped in a handwoven wire fabric. Each with slight, unique variations due to the hand-made nature of the glass and netting.","url":"\/product\/hl2617.10\/sorenson-10-lantern.html"},{"name":"Heron Lantern","desc":"Our modern distillation of the traditional English foursquare hall lantern is a clean, sharply detailed rectangular form made of solid brass. Glazed with clear, fluted glass panels.","url":"\/product\/hl1460\/heron-lantern.html"},{"name":"Rex 10 Sconce","desc":"A faceted arm and cup project from the sleek, diamond-shaped backplate of this Jazz Age-inspired sconce. Brass, with an inset panel of mirror, black, or white glass, as specified.","url":"\/product\/is1073\/rex-10-sconce.html"},{"name":"Thelonius Sconce","desc":"A round-backed baluster form sconce with a gracefully long and slender teardrop finial beneath a broad, plain bobeche.","url":"\/product\/is1691.1\/thelonius-sconce.html"},{"name":null,"desc":null,"url":"\/product\/\/.html"},{"name":"Marlowe Hexagonal Lantern","desc":"The Marlowe hexagonal lantern takes its inspiration from the proportions of classic English hall lights. Rendered here with clean, modern lines and jewelry-cast corners.","url":"\/product\/hl2892.26\/marlowe-hexagonal-lantern.html"},{"name":"Calais Chamfered Lantern","desc":"Conceived and drawn by Designer Tracey Topping, the gossamer, lace-like scrim of fleur-de-lis and quatrefoils contrast with the muscular cast bronze studded clasps. The lamp is framed with clear glass panels.","url":"\/product\/ew2432.24\/calais-chamfered-lantern.html"},{"name":"California Sunburst 45 Chandelier","desc":"Inspired by the sun motifs in Tony Duquette\u2019s \u201cCalifornia Sunburst\u201d stage curtain for the LA Music Center (1964) and his San Francisco Canticle of the Sun exhibition. Rays of hand-polished metal reflect light in all directions, creating a surprising, wonderfully even glow.","url":"\/product\/dc4400.45\/california-sunburst-45-chandelier.html"},{"name":"Veronique Small Picture Light","desc":"Inspired by classic French Moderne designs, the Veronique family is created from crisp, simple forms. This picture light, designed by Steven Sclaroff, has 170\u00b0 of swing and 90\u00b0 of rotation. The overall length of the fixture is customizable from 10\" to 19\".","url":"\/product\/pl0967.s\/veronique-small-picture-light.html"}]}