{"id":62,"image":"\/uploads\/media\/ad\/remainsramsa_adcampaignweb_500x600.1502900674.jpg","title":"June 2016","caption":"Architectural Digest","products":[{"name":"Janus 8 Chandelier","desc":"Recognizable yet pared down to an essence, these fixtures are the result of an investigation into the basic nature of a branched chandelier and baroque forms, made physical in the most time-honored materials for lighting design: brass and crystal. Regular planes of slightly beveled prisms are suspended by fine wire from square-section brass framing.","url":"\/product\/rsc5115\/janus-8-chandelier.html"},{"name":"Minerva Lantern","desc":"The historical precedents of this object are clear and present, but we reduced the materiality and surface details to such a point that only the spare waves in the blown glass cylinder and the line of the brass framing separate this from its shadow. Each with slight, unique variations due to the hand-made nature of the glass.","url":"\/product\/rsc5010\/minerva-lantern.html"},{"name":"Mercury Lantern","desc":"We closed our eyes and thought of the attributes and proportions of our favorite, most welcoming hall lantern and made them solid here, with a few simple gestures in brass bars and glass panes.","url":"\/product\/rsc5020\/mercury-lantern.html"}]}