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Tony Duquette was an extremely influential Hollywood artist and designer whose work spanned the 1940s through the 1990s. He, along with his wife Elizabeth and artistic partner Hutton Wilkinson, crafted elaborate, fantastical sets for stage and film as well as interiors, jewelry, furniture and costume designs. Duquette worked for Hollywood and New York’s elite and eventually a truly international clientele, from South America to Hawaii to Asia, his work was famous for its bold, arresting, and colorful designs. He designed jewels for the Duchess of Windsor. He was the 1st American ever to have a solo exhibit at the Louvre.
His protégé Hutton Wilkinson has written three books devoted to Duquette’s creative genius which introduced his body of work to a wide audience. We forged a relationship and Remains now creates this stunning lighting collection. The fixtures are all based on original designs or fixtures created by Tony Duquette. You can see their early iterations photographed in “Tony Duquette” and “More is More”.
Showing 1-8 of 32 items