Hiking by Design: Solstice Canyon

Valerie Thomas of Remains Lighting Los Angeles will be leading a hike to Solstice Canyon in Malibu this Saturday April 27th to explore two of her favorite passions: hiking and design.

Valerie will guide an easy 4 ½ mile loop through Solstice Canyon. The initial incline and overall elevation gain of 800 feet will get hearts pumping, but the hike will be at a relaxed social pace.

This hike, in a lush Malibu canyon, passes a babbling brook, some great vistas and the ruins of the Roberts Ranch House, built in 1952 by architect Paul Williams. The Tropical Terrace, as it was known, was destroyed by fire in the 1980s. The ruins give a clear shape of Williams’ design, which was all about the natural setting. This is a hidden gem of LA architecture with stone walkways and brickwork, fireplaces with chimneys still intact, and vintage appliances in the kitchen!

  Before the fire: Julius Shulman’s shot of the interior of the Tropical Terrace.

The ruins of the Roberts Ranch House today.

Hikers will also see an 1865 stone cottage built by Matthew Keller, the oldest stone building in Malibu.

The group will meet at 10am near the amphitheater. There is parking just off Corral Canyon Road. The hike should take approximately 2 hours, depending on the group. And there are great lunch spots nearby at the Country Mart for those who have worked up an appetite!

Trail Map

For more information on Solstice Canyon

For more about Paul Williams and the Roberts Ranch House

If you are interested in joining the hike, please contact Valerie directly: valerie@remains.com or call her on 646-723-2488 with any questions.

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