Highlights from the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show

Here’s a small slice of the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show that ran the last week in October. I saw a few things through the scrum of well-attired people thronging the plentiful and tasty offerings; some art, a few antiques that is.

My favorite piece of the show was a large John Grillo painting that reminds me of a scroll written in a secret language where ideas are conveyed in vectors and colors as well as standard text.

Another smaller Grillo and a shimmering resin sculpture by Mary Bauermeister caught my eye as well in Foster Gwin’s booth www.fostergwin.com (just to the right of the central bar/ food crossing.


Just at the entry, Carleton Hobbs http://carltonhobbs.com showed a large circular bronze mirror in a late 19th Century style at the crossroads of the Italian Renaissance and the Aesthetics movement. I missed the tag so can’t tell you what they thought of it, or how large its price tag was, though that, assuredly, was not small.

Lebreton www.lebretongallery.com had a few extraordinary pieces, most notably, the massive, anthropomorphic, orange textile wall hanging by Magdelena Abakanowicz  and a brass table lamp by Andre Arbus with a stylized set of bull horns as the finial. Also, to tickle my metal shop ribs, they showed a low table (14) by Pierre Giraudon with a thick resin top full of curly brass inclusions that look exactly like what come off our lathes.

Lastly, I drooled over a solid silver chandelier made by Georg Jensen www.georgjensenantiques.com for his first gallery in Copenhagen. It was beautiful, though not large in size. In price, it was enormous. They asked $1,400,000. While trying to get a closer look at the bottom I dropped my small plate of lamb chops. Luckily they had a pristine and shiny Georg Jensen silver bowl to catch them. I scooped them back up before they noticed, I think, and wiped up most of the drippings.

The lamb chops at the SFFAS are indeed delicious.

David Calligeros

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